Simple Computer Inventory System

Last month I created a quick system for recording computers and user logins in a Windows domain environment. I created it to have an easy way of finding out when and where users login and logout of computers, and record some important information about computers (computer name, service tags, OS, GUID, vendor and model, NIC cards and MAC addresses).

Although I know there are some systems out there that do all that this system does and more, I decided to create this system since it’s free, fast, and quick to implement with the system I have.

What it uses

  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Computers that have a Windows OS installed
  • Computers that are added to the domain
  • Users accounts that are domain users
  • WMI
  • An SQL Server database for access over a network
  • SQL, and VB script

Database (Images show tables, fields, and relationships)

The database needs to be configured to allow network connections to it.

The database has the following tables:

tbl_Host: Records information about computers

tbl_UserEvent: Records the time and computer (from tbl_Host) that a user logs in or out of

tbl_HostAdapter: Records the network interface cards of computers


The script cidb_inserthost.vbs should be executed through group policy by computers when they start up.

The script cidb_insertusereventlogin.vbs should be executed through group policy by users when they login.

The script cidb_insertusereventlogout.vbs should be executed through group policy by users when they logout.

The scripts need to be modified to include information about your database server, database name, database user, and database password.

Download Scripts (Rename as .zip file after download)


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