Simple Wake on LAN System

If you implement the quick and nasty inventory system from my last post, you can use the powershell script in this post (with the wolcmd.exe utility) to wake computers remotely (note: WoL will need to be enabled through all computer BIOS settings. Vendors often have tools on their website to automate this task).

The script displays a very basic GUI interface (created using the program PrimalForms by SAPIEN Technologies) to display all groups within an Active Directory Organisational Unit you specify in the script starting with “Computers -” or “Laptops -” (with domain computers as members). After you select one of the groups from the combo box and press the “Wake Computers” button, the script loops through each computer in the group, grabs the MAC addresses of the computer from the inventory system, and sends out magic packets using the wolcmd.exe utility.

The code in the script isn’t very neat, however it is functional. You will need to edit some lines in the script (I’ve tried to mark them with commenting).

Download WoLGUI (rename as .zip file after download)


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