Monthly Archives: June 2012

Group Policy Preferences Speed Up

I just stumbled across the following post: Looks like this guy suggested a way to speed up the evaluation of user/computer groups with group policy preferences (therefore speeding up logins and boot ups) at the AskDS site and they implemented it ( It seems this will only speed things up if your using security groups in your item level […]

My Troubleshooting Process

This is my troubleshooting process that I have printed out on one A4 page in short bullet form on the wall above my desk. Here and there I look up at it to keep it fresh in my mind and improve my troubleshooting skills. From time-to-time I review and edit it to make it better. If you […]

How To Log a Good Incident Helpdesk Ticket

This post is more of a medicinal rant than anything, but could be edited to be less offensive and actually be useful information for a user. Just for the record I don’t have a personal vendetta against people logging awful tickets, I just think that some people need to be less lazy and have some common […]

Locking of the CSC Database

I came across a strange recently where some of our staff would login to a shared Windows 7 PC with their roaming profile and redirected folders and report having “nothing, no icons, no files, just a blank black background”. I figured the issue must have been network related and went to look at the issue. The staff member […]

Setting the Desktop Icon Size through the Registry for Windows 7

Today I was looking for a way to change the size of icons on the desktop through group policy or some other method to make them smaller for users on a terminal server. A lot of sites were suggesting that the registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics” is where the appropriate settings are stored, however this didn’t seem to be […]