Access Windows Network Shares from a Mac

I had a lady drop by my office the other day wanting to connect to our file shares from our Mac.

My exposure to Macs are pretty limited, mainly because I think they’re and expensive, over simplified facebook viewer (but they’re not all bad), so I quickly Binged “mac osx windows shares” (that’s right, I didn’t use google).

The first link that appeared was:

Thanks to the info in this link, I found the procedure to be as follows:

  • Click on the desktop (so the “Finder” menu appears)
  • Select the “Go” menu group
  • Select the option “Connect to server…”
  • Type in your server and share in the following format: smb://server/sharename
  • Type in your domain credentials

And thanks to a good search engine it took 15-30 seconds to find out how to access the share then actually do it.


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