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Diagnostic Pinging – fpingbat

I found an awesome ping utility last week called fping: The main things I like about it over the ping command is that comes with Windows is that it can send more pings over a given time period (1ms to 5 seconds) and can print a timestamp with each ping. The link above describes other things […]

Simple Wake on LAN System

If you implement the quick and nasty inventory system from my last post, you can use the powershell script in this post (with the wolcmd.exe utility) to wake computers remotely (note: WoL will need to be enabled through all computer BIOS settings. Vendors often have tools on their website to automate this task). The script […]

Simple Computer Inventory System

Last month I created a quick system for recording computers and user logins in a Windows domain environment. I created it to have an easy way of finding out when and where users login and logout of computers, and record some important information about computers (computer name, service tags, OS, GUID, vendor and model, NIC […]