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The Slow Meridian Payroll Issues

Someone called me this week about a payroll program called Meridian acting slow. Apparently the program freezes from time-to-time (every fortnight or so) and makes it impossible to do anything useful. The payroll staff have a client that connects to an SQL Server database on an isolated Windows Server 2008 server. Since all 3 staff who use […]

My Troubleshooting Process

This is my troubleshooting process that I have printed out on one A4 page in short bullet form on the wall above my desk. Here and there I look up at it to keep it fresh in my mind and improve my troubleshooting skills. From time-to-time I review and edit it to make it better. If you […]

Locking of the CSC Database

I came across a strange recently where some of our staff would login to a shared Windows 7 PC with their roaming profile and redirected folders and report having “nothing, no icons, no files, just a blank black background”. I figured the issue must have been network related and went to look at the issue. The staff member […]